Client love


"I’m feeling so happy and confident in my bikini, first time ever feeling this good 🥰 all down to you helping me build a better relationship with food and keeping me consistent with my workouts thank you so much for everything, you were so right and consistency is key!


12 weeks girl!!! What I have achieved in 12 weeks. A weighing scales can't even measure it. My mental health, my confidence, my happiness it is all off the scale. Every Thursday I look forward to your voice notes and you've been my biggest support. You are absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me more than you can ever imagine. It has been more than just weight loss. You can even see the weight off my face. If you could see the change in my head, it is huge. I was so depressed in that first picture. So proud of myself and the work I've done physically and mentally.

But this is not the end!! The 12 weeks were just the beginning!! I have so much drive in myself now. Go Team DKF ⭐⭐⭐


I can’t believe the progress I’ve made with you since starting in January. I had a minimum weight I wanted to get to before the wedding and now I’m nearly a kilo below that. Because of you and your help, I found my dream dress that I feel amazing in and that actually shows off my figure; one thing I always felt about myself was that I was going to have to get a dress that “covers me up” and “hides all the nasty bits” and I always thought I was gonna be the “fat/chubby bride” but I absolutely do not feel like that now and I fully have you to thank. You’re an absolute star and such an inspiring hard working lady.


Wow where do I start... I started with Diana in 2021 after the birth of my 5th baby, I needed a kickstart to getting back to finding myself to becoming healthy and fittier! I thought I would do one challenge as I have never stuck with anything fitness related in my life, but here I am many challenges later and still loving it. Thanks to these challenges, I have a great relationship with food and exercise - I have even joined a gym! Diana is incredibly supportive and is always there on hand to offer her advice. She cares about everyone on her challenge and you can see it's not about the money for her! I'm so glad I made the decision to join Team DKF and this is the only beginning 💕