Diana Kelleher - Online Coach, Founder

Diana is a full-time mom, personal trainer and online coach. Diana has a huge passion for health & fitness and is driven to help, inspire & empower women to become the best versions of themselves both physically & mentally. As a Certified Personal Trainer and specialized pre- and postnatal trainer Diana offers a wide range of health & fitness services and is here to help, guide & motivate you on your health & fitness journey. 


My story is a little different as I was never overweight, but more unhappy & uncomfortable in my skin. From a young age I’ve always been involved in sports, I played basketball growing up in secondary school. I got involved in the fitness industry in 2012 when I was living in Australia as you can imagine you need the body to match that sunny beach lifestyle & I finally decided to take control, make a change & join a gym. I was a cardio bunny at first doing up to 6 spinning classes per week, but that soon all changed when I plucked up the courage to venture into the weights section & instantly fell in love with weight training. I had found my passion and within 2 years I turned my passion for fitness into my career. 

I qualified as a personal trainer when I returned home to Cork, Ireland in 2013, I also studied & completed my certificates in Nutrition & Health Promotion. I challenged myself to sign up for my first bikini fitness competition in 2014 & I placed 2nd at National level, I was instantly hooked & had caught “the competing bug” as one would say. Since then I have competed in 13 competitions finishing with all top placings, my highest & most memorable achievement was placing second at the WFF World Championships in November 2016, that same weekend I also signed with BSN as an athlete, a worldwide recognised sports nutrition brand. 



In January of 2019, I became a mom, to the most beautiful little girl Kacey. Falling pregnant was by far the best thing to ever happen to me. Not only do I have the most perfect little girl, but I also have a new found love & appreciation for the female body, FEMALES ARE SUPERHEROES. Since having Kacey I have learned to love my body, be confident in my own skin and embrace my new post-partum curves, stretch marks & loose skin.  I want to help & inspire other women to be body confident and to always be proud of their body no matter where they are on their journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves both physically and mentally.